Last updated on: May 27th, 2019

This Is How To Clean A Gas Grill

0Planning a backyard barbecue this coming weekend? Before firing up your evening, you might want to give your gas grill a nice clean-up.

Maybe it wasn’t cleaned properly the last time it was used. Or perhaps has gathered a lot of dirt since you put it away after winter. You don’t have to cook with a gross BBQ.

After use, you don’t need to scrub the grill to perfection. All the grill needs is an occasional deep clean to ensure efficient and, most importantly, safe operation.

A build-up of grease on your gas smoker is an eyesore and it could even block the smooth flow of gas through the ports.

The last thing you want is a dangerous flare-up or weird smells from the smoking machine. You may have received cleaning instructions from the manufacturer when you bought your grill. In case you lost them, Here is how to clean a gas grill.

Cleaning essentials

  • Water and detergent
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Gloves
  • Bristle brush/ putty knife
  • Grill brush

Cleaning instructions

I. Have your cleaning supplies ready

Gather the necessary materials for cleaning. If you don’t have a grill brush, you can use a suitable cleaning brush and don’t forget the paper towels or cleaning rags. Gloves are not necessary but they are good for your own safety.

II. Turn off the gas

Before you start cleaning, ensure that the gas supply is turned off completely to avoid leakages. Even better, disengage the gas tank from your BBQ grill.

III. Separate the grates

You need to disassemble the grates if you want to accomplish a thorough clean up.

IV. Start with the grill grates

Use a grill brush to scrub the grates. You can also use any other coarse brush.

V. Clean the burner covers

Dismantle anything that covers the burner from the ceramic briquettes, lava stones, and the V-shape heat tents. Brush them to perfection.

VI. Brush lightly the tubes

Don’t be too harsh on the burner tubes. Brush them lightly and clean the gas ports thoroughly.

VII. Clean the lid and the bottom

The grill’s bottom normally gets a lot of dirt and a peeling black stuff that forms due to the accumulation of grease and carbon flakes. Wipe off the debris and brush the black stuff which may also be formed on the rid. If the dirt is too stubborn, scrape it off with a putty knife.

VIII. Clean the dirt tray

A lot of grease collects on the dirt try. You need soapy water to clean it. Also, replace the disposable pans if necessary.

IX. Discard grime

You must dispose of the grease in a proper manner as opposed to tossing it down the drain. Throwing it in the drain can cause blockage of pipes. The best way to dump grilling dirt is by putting it first in an empty trash can and allowing it to harden. You can use a non-recyclable bottle instead of a trash can. Then discard the entire bottle away.

X. Wipe the exterior

Don’t forget to clean the outer parts of your grill. If there are any side tables, use soap and water to wash them too.

XI. Re-assemble

Now that your cleaning job is over, put back the parts together like they were before. Get ready to cook delicious meals on clean grates!

Conclusion about grill cleaning

There are several maintenance practices you need to take care of if you want to enjoy great BBQ for long. First, always empty the dirt collection tray before grilling to avoid a grease fire. Also, you have to brush the grates before cooking anything.

Clean the grates after preheating the smoker with a wadded foil or cleaning brush. This is important as it eliminates burnt food debris from the last roasting session.

Plus, a warmed up grate is easier to clean. The other fundamental thing you must not forget is to oil the grates before placing any food on them. This ensures that your food doesn’t stick. Finally, always brush off food remnants after grilling to make your next barbecue session easier.


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