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Best Gas Grills Under $200

If your budget for buying a grill is only $200 and you are wondering where to buy a cheap gas grill, then you may find this task very complicated.

Today we will try to figure it out by reviewing the five top-rated models that are in high demand with buyers today.

Top Rated Gas Grills Under $200

Product Features Rating Checkout
1 Perfect for Trips&Camping
  • Cooking surface: 285 sq. in.
  • Power: 20,000 BTU's
  • Benefits: Sets up in seconds, East to transport and clean, ideal for tailgating, picnicking, camping
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2 Best Value
  • Cooking surface: 189 sq. in.
  • Power: 8500 BTU's
  • Benefits: Fully assembled out of box, stainless steel burner, push-button ignition
4.9 of 5
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3 Easy to assemble
  • Cooking surface: 360 sq. in.
  • Power: 30,000 BTU's
  • Benefits: 3 stainless steel in-line burners, perfect size
4.8 of 5
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4 Best Marine Grill
  • Power: 10 700 BTU's
  • Benefits: Made of mirror polished stainless steel, adjustable control valve
4.8 of 5
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5 Best Basic Grill
  • Cooking surface: 405 sq. in.
  • Power: 32,000 BTU's
  • Benefits: 4 stainless steel burners
4.7 of 5
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6 Best Bang for the Buck
  • Cooking surface: 160 sq. in.
  • Power: 6,500 BTU's
  • Benefits: Porcelain-enameled cooking grate, stainless steel burner
4.6 of 5
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  • Cooking surface: 187 sq. in.
  • Power: 11 000 BTU's
  • Benefits: Designed for on-the-go, anywhere grilling, great at low temperatures
4.5 of 5
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Buyer’s guide

What to look at first when choosing an inexpensive gas grill?

Number of burners

If you want to grill fast and evenly, you should buy a device with a minimum of two burners. Buying a device with the only one burner is not a good idea, because this is the main part of a model that influences the cooking process directly, that’s why you should look for the best 3 burner gas grill, the best 4 burner gas grills, and the best 5 burner gas grill.

Besides, having one heating zone means you cannot cook different dishes simultaneously, the best option is to find a cheap 4 burner gas grill.

Thus, our advice is not to buy a device with one burner if you grill regularly and instead look for the best 2 burner gas grill 2019.

Ignition system

Today the ignition system of inexpensive natural gas grills consists of using a push button to start your device. All the models in the natural gas grill reviews do have this button, which means you do not need to use any additional items like matches to light your device.

If you are deciding on Grill propane or natural gas choose models that feature a battery powered ignition system, this way it will serve you for years without being broken or damaged.


BTU stands for “British Thermal Unit” and this is the common measurement manufacturers use to describe the heating abilities and the level of fuel consumption of the device. What BTU capability is used in the best natural gas grills?

Although, BTU determines how quick your device starts up, that is not the only element your model must feature. Good insulation and high quality grates also matter.

Besides, having good construction of your device plus an excellent BTU rating is a great combo, because when heat is produced, it can be maintained for a long period. Knowing all these details you will be able to find the best propane grill under 200.

Grill space

gas grill cooking areaWhen speaking of cooking space, many people do not know what an optimal grill space should be. Whether they should look for the best portable gas grill under $200, the best large gas grills or medium sized gas grills.

We can say that you should have at least 100 square inches of cooking area per person, thus if you live alone then 100-150 square inches will be okay, but if you have family or grill food for parties you host regularly, then consider its size accordingly and choose the best midsize gas grill.

The more space you have the better, because you have more space to move your food around, although if you want to consider the best small gas grill under $200, you can easily do this.

Cooking Grates

What is the most important grill’s part apart from the burners which influences the cooking process directly? Of course, cooking grates. Today the most popular material for cooking grates are cast iron and stainless steel; they are both resistant to rust and very easy-to-clean.

However, each of them has its own peculiarities; if you worry about a long cleaning process, then choose grates made of stainless steel,but they are not effective in holding heat for a long period of time.

Cast iron grates are worse for cleaning, but they can keep necessary heat for quite a long period of time. Being aware of these facts, you will make a rational choice.

Useful little things

There are many additional features your device might have in order to be more versatile. You can find models with pullout tables or side shelves, where you can prepare, marinate, season or do whatever you need before or during cooking, on the other side a gas grill with side burner.

Also, some feature cabinets where you can store the grill’s equipment or kitchen utensils or you can find gas grills with stainless steel grates and burners. Some grills feature a toasting or warming rack and even a rotisserie! You can find gas grills with built in smoker.

These perks can influence the price rate of a device significantly, but some affordable models do have them.


What can be more important than being sure your model is covered with a warranty while you use it! What you should be aware of is that your grill components can have a different period of warranty coverage, thus interior parts can have only a 1-2-year warranty, while exterior parts have about 5-10. The more you know, better armed you will be.

Our pick of top 5 gas grills under $200

Coleman Road Trip – best gas grill under 200

Coleman Road Trip propane grill comes in a variety of colors, thus, you can choose your favorite or one that matches your style but that is not all. The, Road Trip LXE is a great compact option that is designed to fit in your trunk: it has large handles for easy-carrying and big wheels for pulling it.

Besides, it features 285 square inches of cooking area, which is enough for cooking for several people and has dual burners installed. This model works on propane and features porcelain-covered iron grates that are an easy-to-clean and are very durable and a removable tray.

Besides, speaking of its extra accessories, it also features two side tables, where you can prepare food or place necessary kitchen things and a removable drip tray for more thorough cleaning.

You can start grilling by simply pushing a button and get the advantage of the two adjustable burners with 10 000 BTUs that can cook at both low and high heat at once. Rest assured that nothing will happen with your device, as a three year warranty guarantees you get a replacement or repair.

We can say this is a good candidate for being the best gas grill under 200, but you will find out whether this is true later on.

  • Wide color range
  • Compact size but with 285 square inches of cooking area
  • Works on propane

  • Some people find it too small

Char-Broil Classic 360 – best mid-size gas grill under 200

Are you searching for the best mid-size gas grill under 200 that is neither toobig nor small? Then you need to have a look at Char-Broil Classic 360, which features 3 burners with 30 000 BTUs for the main cooking space and 8 000 for the additional side burner.

Together you will get 360 square inches of cooking area with porcelain-coated grates and 170 square inches of warming rack. It can be set up and started fast and easily, thus you can carry it with you in your car and have a barbeque whenever you want and with just a single push of the button, the Piezo ignition technology will let you begin cooking without hassle.

It also features porcelain-coated grates for more thorough cleaning, where you can cook about 15 burgers at once.
Buying a Char Broil budget gas grill, you will get a 3 burner gas grill with 360 square inches main cooking area and additional 170 square inches.

What is more, the seller offers solid warranty coverage for your device, which period of time depends on the specific part of the model.

This is an optimal choice for a small-sized family who likes grilling and enjoys having crispy and yummy burgers. If this is about you, then choose this option.

  • Compact in size
  • Has 3 burners and 38 000 BTUs overall
  • Can cook different dishes at once

  • Can’t prepare many portions at once if you have a large family

Weber Q1000 – best portable gas grill under 200

Finally, we conclude our review with the Weber Q1000 cheap gas grill. This is a portable and travel-friendly device which you can place in your backyard or store in your car. With its ergonomic side handles, it is very easy to move or carry this device.

Weber inexpensive gas grill is stuffed with only one stainless steel burner with heat up to 8500 BTU and 189 square inches of cooking area. Of course, we have said that buying a single-burner device is not the best idea, but if you need a compact grill for one person or are searching for one to carry with you in your trunk, why not give it a try?

Like all the models we have reviewed, this device features porcelain-enameled iron grates, which are very easy to clean and will not rust. The push-button electric ignition system guarantees you do not need matches to start it.

Need a best portable gas grill under 200 that can fit your car’s trunk? This is a great deal for you then.

  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry grill
  • Cheap price
  • Easy-to-clean

  • Only one burner

Char-Broil Deluxe Portable – simple gas grill for camping

Do you need a simple low cost gas grill that is user-friendly and does not cost a fortune? Do you want to grill your meal and smoke it at low temperature? Char-Broil Deluxe Portable is a great option if you are limited on space, but enjoy grilling your food. Also it is the best gas grill for camping, traveling by boat or RV.

This is a small device, which can grill about 8 burgers at once thanks to the 190 square inches of cooking area and chrome-plated grates. It also has 11000 BTU’s produced by a single burner, which is enough for making an evenly-cooked meal.

It can be fueled by propane, thus you do not need to worry about buying tons of charcoal or other fuel, owning a propane tank is just enough. Forget about bringing matches with you, as its push-button ignition technology will let you start your grill quickly.

This deluxe portable grill is only 10.3 pounds and features cool-to-touch handles for easy carrying, a useful hook for hanging a lid while cooking and folding legs. Buying this device, you will get a 90 day warranty during which you can get a replacement if something breaks with your grill due to manufacturer defects.

Overall, if you have extra cash to invest in a grill, and do not cook on a regular basis and prefer anywhere grilling, this device is great, as it is both functional and affordable.

  • Affordable price
  • Very compact size
  • Quite large cooking area

  • Not enough space for cooking for a large party

Magma Marine Kettle – gas grill for boat BBQ

If you enjoy spending the whole day on your boat, then why not make your day even more comfortable by buying a compact marine grill where you can cook mouth-watering dishes while on board?

Getting a stainless steel 15-inch Magma Marine Kettle with a single burner, you will get 10700 BTU’s and stainless steel grates, where you can prepare enough food for a small group of people. The single burner in this case doesn’t mean long cooking process because of the tightly-fit lid, ignition push button and great construction, this gas grill for boat can cook ideal dishes very fast.

Besides, although this device is durable, you will get a one-year warranty during which you can get a replacement or repair if needed. Many customers like it despite the mixed reviews on this grill, which you can find online.

If you are looking for a small grill that can make your dreams of having a barbecue on boat come true, then give it a try to this user-friendly and easy-to-operate grill.

  • Excellent design
  • Great mobility
  • Durable construction
  • Functionality

  • When the wind blows, the fire can blow out.

Summing up - the best grill to 200 dollars

how to choose the best gas grill under 200This was a time-consuming task, but we’ve finally done it. After reviewing the four most popular models, we can say that you should decide which one is the winner that deserves to be the best gas grills under $200.

We can only give you our advice: if you are searching for a grill compact enough to carry in your car – look at the Coleman Road Trip or Weber Q1000 or Magma Marine Kettle.

If you want to serve hot dogs and burgers for the whole family, then your option might be the Char-Broil Classic 360.

The smallest, but quite powerful options are the Weber Q1000 and Char-Broil Deluxe Portable models with only one burner, thus they can be an excellent choice for a road barbeque.

It is up to you which model to choose, but all of the abovementioned gas grills are made by well-known brands, thus their quality and durability are guaranteed.

We hope our friendly expert advice will come in handy once you’ve decide to buy a new cheap grill. We have been working on new reviews that soon will be posted, thus do not forget to check our website regularly to get updated on the top experts’ picks.

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