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About Us

Welcome To The Best Grill Review Site On The Web!

This is the best place to get the most accurate and honest reviews of the grill. This site is designed by grill enthusiasts who want to share everything about a wide variety of BBQ grills. On this website, you’ll find pages devoted to each grill imaginable. For every product, we give the following information:

  • Basic details about the grill
  • Our review and recommendationsor warning
  • Links to other relevant sites
  • Suggestions of similar grills which could be of interest  

Over the last few years, the grilling industry has taken off and risen in popularity among the public. With the growing awareness of BBQs, we decided to create this website to help BBQ buffs like you find quality products that support their unique lifestyles.

The benefits of visiting our site are clear:

  • In-depth information: most grill review sites simply provide their opinion. At, we give as much information as possible about the grills you are interested in.
  • Concision: we reduce reviews to their essence, expanding them with brief recommendations or warnings.
  • Ease of use: you are sure to find your grill in our Review Index and everything you want to know about it on the page dedicated to it.
  • Accessibility: You can find everything about specific grills on one page so you don’t have to do cumbersome searches on the internet.
  • Objectivity: we don’t make claims to objectivity in our reviews but you can compare our claims with other reviewers’.

Our methods

We have reviewed numerous grills and picked only the best. For a product to qualify for our website, it has to pass the following:

  • We test it and compare it to other grills
  • It must be practical and easy to use
  • It should have positive feedback from consumers chooses BBQ grills we think you like. We conduct in-depth research and evaluation to make your shopping easier. For most grills, we visit the manufacturing facilities to find out how they are actually made and installed. Our reviews are updated on a regular basis so you should check our site often so you don’t miss out on valuable posts. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media where we are active throughout. For any inquiries, please contact us.

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