Last updated on: May 27th, 2019

How to store a grill?

The Definitive Guide On How To Store A Grill

Barbecue grills can be used year round but you don’t always need them in winter. To help you get ready for the next cookout season, here is a smart guide to grill storage. Apart from the occasional grill cleanups to eliminate food debris and grease, you need to know the right steps to preventing awful surprises when you decide to fire up your backyard with a BBQ the next summer. Learn how to keep your grill in its tip-top shape with these simple tips.

Gas grill storage

To properly store your grill, switch off the flow of gas at the LP tank. Secure the burner and slip off the tubes from the gas line. Be sure to use the user manual on how to handle the gas tubes of your gas grill.

You should lift out the entire unit. Because winter is characterized by a lot of moisture, apply oil to the grill burners and all the metallic parts with cooking oil to prevent rust. Cover the burner unit plastic bag to prevent insects from nesting in the tubes during the cold months.

If you don’t take this precaution, the insect nests might cause uneven flames, one-alarm fire, and balky start the next time you try to fire up the grill.

If you will be leaving gas grill outside in winter, you don’t need to disconnect the propane tank but make sure that the gas is shut off. Then, cover your grill with a protective material after cleaning the grill’s exterior.

When storing your BBQ inside your house, leave the propane tank outside. Don’t even think of keeping the tank in a storage shed or garage. Even a small gas leak might lead to a deadly explosion when the tank confined in an enclosed area. The best thing you can do is to disconnect the gas tank and keep it outdoors in an upright position.

Don’t bring any furnace vents or dryers near the tank. Also, keep it away from kids’ playgrounds. Discourage insects from nesting using grill cover over the opening of the gas line, preferably a plastic cover.

Charcoal grill storage

Winterize your grill using the same steps for gas grill storage. The process here is not so involving. After wiping out the grease and food cramps, clean out the ashes and wipe the area with warm water and detergent. Rinse the grate properly and let the entire grill dry off. Then, cover the entire grill with an appropriate cover and store it in a safe place like your basement or garage.

Final word about grill storage

To keep the snow, moisture, and dirt, off your grill, find a quality grill cover. If you have an old cover, ensure that it is in the best condition i.e. no signs of wear. If you spot any holes and tears, buy a new cover. It won’t cost you more than $40.

You will be saving yourself from the trouble of buying a new grill next summer after the existing one rusts in winter. Before storage, double check for moisture. The grill and its cover must be completely dry to prevent rust. Knowing the secrets of storing your BBQ during winter ensures long life to your grill and many cookout sessions with friends and family.

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