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Best Smoker Grill Combo

We have gathered 5 professional grills and smokers and we believe they will meet your needs efficiently. You obviously want to get the best outdoor grill smoker combo to comfortably cook your ribs, steaks, chicken, lamb, fish, and so on.

Continue reading this guide if you want to come up with a good rundown of Smoke Hollow vs. Oklahoma Joe. Our analysis is not biased, we are open-minded and mean to assist you in your purchasing decision.

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The big question is what is the best smoker grill combo?

If you ask most BBQ buffs, they will tell you smoking and grilling are the most enjoyable outdoor experiences. Those who are smart don’t buy a separate smoker and grill but look for a unit that provides the best of both worlds.

You too can save money if you buy the best smoker grill combo. Then you can smoke and grill any food you want and some models even perform more than these 2 basic functions. If you can’t take our word for it, check Smoke Hollow grill reviews online.


If you think a Char-Broil model is your ideal choice, don’t forget to read Oklahoma Joe Longhorn charcoal gas smoker and grill reviews to get a better idea of what to expect.


Besides the high-quality models we have handpicked for you based on our experience, we also have useful information regarding the best features to look out for. Our list of the best qualities will save you time shopping. Let’s see.



How To Get The Best Smoker Grill Combo

Buyer’s guide

best smoker grill comboCurrently, there are many selections of outdoor grills with smoker. Allow us to help you solve the dilemma.

Discover the important features to look for in a dual grill with smoker. A good hybrid smoker grill should have vital accessories.

These are useful features of a device that play a very important role in your cooking process. It may not be possible to find a smoker that includes all the accessories.

But it is important that you pick a model with most of the features.


Types of smoker grill combo

Learn the 4 main grill smokers in the current market to make a wise investment.

Propane grill smoker combo


propane grill smoker comboA propane charcoal smoker grill combo is a common unit which provides a decent smoking and grilling ability thanks to its high BTU ratings propane gas produces.


They are user-friendly and easy to clean because no ashes are produced.

However, natural gas smoker grill combo may not give you a desirable food flavor hardwood pellet device gives.

You can improve the flavor by choosing a propane grill and wood smoker combo.


Best charcoal grill smoker combo


charcoal grill smoker comboA gas charcoal smoker combo grill is the most popular type that features a portable design.

It is the perfect option for camping and tailgating.

Nonetheless, it suits only a small family and not a large group of people.


The other drawbacks include difficulty in cleaning the ashes and temperature control unless it has an built-in thermometer.


Pellet smoker grill combo


pellet smoker grill comboYou need a bigger budget if you are considering wood burning grills and smokers because they don’t come cheap.

These pricey units feature an auger and a digital fan which helps stabilize the temperature.

Some models come with propane sear boxes that lock in the wood flavor of the food.

For instance, the Smoke Hollow Pro series combination grill reviews say these are some of the best grill smoker combo models.


The use of wood pellets gives the optimal feature of smoking i.e. the natural wood flavor in foods but as mentioned above, they are relatively expensive.


Best electric smoker grill combo


electric smoker grill comboAn electric smoker grill combo gives a much different grilling experience than other smoker types.

Electricity is convenient but doesn’t give an authentic smoky flavor that most BBQ buffs seek.

With an electric model, you only need to flick a switch to get started and there is no fuel residue is left for you to clean.

You can cook any type of meat from ribs, bacon, steaks, or fish.





The type of material and thickness is critical. Most grills and smokers have cooking grates made of carbon coated of steel which tends to rust over time.

If you live in a humid place, consider a stainless steel smoker grill combo, aluminum, or enamel coated options.


Temperature Range and Controls


Make sure you understand how to control smoker grills combo temperature before making a purchase. Models with high-temperature ranges are perfect for cooking most meats while a hot and cold smoker combo gives better flexibility.


Grilling space


grilling spaceDo your barbecues involve a large crowd or just a small dinner for your family? With a large family, choose the large grills and smokers.

But for a small-sized family, you’d be better off with a small grill smoker combo.

Perhaps you love camping and tailgating; consider a portable smoker grill combo.

Often, people don’t prepare small amounts of meat and that’s why big grills and smokers are common at their houses.


You want a model that provides at least 12” of grilling space which is sufficient for a whole chicken or 16” for a whole rack of ribs without dividing them.




how to clean a- grillDo you know how to clean a smoker grill combo? Be sure to clean the grate after every use so it doesn’t influence flavor the next time you smoke meat.

Remove stuck food debris which can transmit germs and attract rodents and bugs.

If you need an easy-to-clean model, choose stainless steel grates.

Note that grates should only be cleaned with hands and not a dishwasher.


Pay special attention to enamel and porcelain coated surfaces as they require soft cleaning materials that will not scratch the delicate surface.


Read our “How to clean a grill?” article, it could be useful for you.




A smoker grill combo with a long term warranty is worth your money. The warranty reflects the quality of the product and should cover the repair and replacement costs for at least 5 years after purchase.


If you can get a model with a lifetime warranty, it’s even better.

Take A Look At Our Top 5 Smoker Grill Combos Reviews

Obviously, the best smoker grill combo should cook your food to perfection. Most units are great at one or two functions. There are a select few that can cover all your needs flawlessly. When shopping, definitely choose a top-notch product with great features to match.

A stunning model provides the best technology and is made of high-quality materials which differentiate it from inferior models.

Such units may be more expensive than your average smoker and since you want perfection, it becomes a worthy investment in the long-run.

Here, we shall cover the best 5 smoker grill combos and their reviews. These are products we have tried ourselves so we speak from firsthand experience. Take a look.


Char-Broil The Big Easy – Best Combo Grill

If you need a 3-in one BBQ to smoke, roast, and grill meat, then Char-Broil The Big Easy smoker grill combo will have you covered.

It has an extra smoker box plus an enclosed burner that provides a maximum 18000 BTUs of adjustable power.

Since it doesn’t use oil and charcoal, cleanup is quick and simple. The same goes for the assembly – you only need 30 minutes or less to get it ready for use.

To get started, simply add a handful of charcoal or pellets to the grill with smoker and wait for a flavorful smoke in about 12 minutes.

Then load the grate with your chicken breast, tenderloin, or ribs. The best thing about it is the infrared technology that eliminates the use of water pans and dampers.

So you can expect an evenly cooked meal with little effort.

A double stack basket is included and can hold about 25 pounds of a steak, which can suffice a huge family gathering. Even better, this grill and smoker combo heats quickly and evenly.

But you need a thermometer to monitor the temperatures effectively so you’re not caught off guard, especially during your first time of using it.

The unique heating method prevents burning your food and as long as you keep an eye on your meat, you’re assured the best tasting brisket ever.



  • Weighs 22.7lbs
  • Measures 18 x 24 x 36 inches
  • 180 sq. inch cooking area
  • Uses propane
  • 3-in-one functions- smoking, roasting, and grilling
  • Uses TRU-Infrared technology
  • 9000- 18000 BTU temperature control range
  • Pull-out smoker box for extra flavor
  • Double stack roasting basket

  • An easy to use design
  • Decent even heat distribution with infrared technology
  • No flare-ups or food scorches
  • The smoker box offers additional flavor

  • The lid has no temperature gauge so you need an external thermometer



Generally, Char Broil grill smoker combo provides greater value and the much-needed convenience all in a single package. We love its incredible performance not to mention the low price.

The simplicity of the product is another valued trait. While the basket could be a bit cumbersome to clean, the other parts are quite easy to manage.


We highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entry-level gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker. It will not cost you an arm or leg if you have just started your barbecue journey.


Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s – Best Gas Charcoal Smoker Combo

The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn black triple function combo grill is synonymous with a tank that is built to last a lifetime.

One of the durable components is its heavy-gauge steel body plus cast-iron grates that are coated with porcelain.

There are two zones – one for propane and another for charcoal. Plus, there is a smoker box meant for ultimate flexibility.

Due to the size, assembling the unit takes a relatively long time so you had better get a few people to help you with the set-up.

Given each of its 3 burners provides 12000 BTUs, it means you have a combined 36000 BTUs that will quickly heat up the grates to cook your sausages in no time.

Thanks to the thick exterior of the gas charcoal smoker combo, you don’t have to worry about rust.



  • Measures 31.5”x 74” x 50.6”
  • Weighs 205 lbs
  • 1060 sq. inch cooking surface area (390 sq. inch fire chamber + 751 sq. inch central area)
  • 6 Cast iron grates (porcelain-coated)
  • Three burners of 12000BTU each
  • Charcoal chimney starter
  • Storage shelf
  • Lid-mounted temperature controls
  • Firebox access door
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Smoke and heat controls

  • The ultimate versatility of two chambers, gas side burner, and an offset firebox
  • A strong steel body
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly efficient even in bad weather

  • The smoke chamber needs modification for maximum performance



Need complete control of your grilling experience with a gas grill and smoker combo? Oklahoma Joe’s by Char-Broil could be what you are looking for.


Whether you are worried about wind gusts, hailstorms, or extreme humidity, this combination grill gas charcoal and smoker provides the peace of mind you need during barbecuing season.



Smoke Hollow 3500 – Gas Grill Smoker Combo

Are you ready to create BBQ masterpieces with a versatile gas grill and smoker combination? With a Smoke Hollow 3500, you get to choose between liquid propane and charcoal or sear a meat on the side burner or in a side smoker.

What a versatile model! On both sides of the smoker are porcelain-coated cast iron grates.

According to the smoke hollow 4 in 1 combo grill reviews, most consumers are satisfied with it, especially those who aspire to be professionals. 



  • Weighs 158 lbs
  • Measures 66″ by 22.5″ by 45″
  • 9300 BTU side burner
  • Cast iron grates on both charcoal and gas areas
  • 860 sq. inch cooking area
  • Smoker box
  • 4-in-1 cooking best gas charcoal smoker grill
  • Temperature gauge
  • 4 locking casters for easy mobility
  • Removable charcoal tray
  • Warming Rack
  • Deluxe sliding air damper
  • 3 Stainless steel tube burners of 10,000 BTUs each

  • Reliable and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Well-built and durable construction
  • Highly versatile so you can cook multiple meals

  • A grill cover is not provided so you have to buy yours



We recommend Smoke Hollow 3500 as the best grill and smoker combo if you really love grilled food and still want to try smoked meats once in a while.

If you don’t take our word for it, check the gas charcoal smoker combo grill reviews and see for yourself how many people give positive comments.


If you like to entertain guests with an extensive buffet, then a charcoal gas combo grill with smoker should be your go-to option. It is not cheap but will provide superb value for money.


PK Grills – Stainless Steel Smoker Grill Combo

We introduce you a 3 in 1 BBQ grill smoker from a prestigious brand – PK Grills. Thanks to the light aluminum construction, It is ideal for tailgating, camping, and hunting. Smoking and grilling with this charcoal grill smoker combo are perfect.

If you want to barbecue, you will be able to cook with low heat and don’t forget you are not limited to charcoal and briquettes. The 4 vent point system allows optimal flavoring of your meat.

Depending on your recipe, you may use direct or indirect heat. Your ideal temperatures will be reached without hassle or annoying flare-ups.

The rust-resistant cast aluminum is as durable as stainless steel grill and smoker and better than porcelain-coated models.



  • Measures 16” x 35” x 35.5”
  • Weighs 45 lbs
  • Unique capsule design
  • 4 vents
  • Cast aluminum body
  • 10-year warranty
  • 300 sq. inch cooking area

  • Lightweight design that facilitates easy movement
  • Suitable for high-temperature searing
  • Has a variety of uses
  • An efficient cooking area with 4-way ventilation

  • Some charcoal grill smoker combo reviews say it’s not sturdy enough



Not sure whether you want to buy PK Grills? The portable PK 99740 is a good product and isn`t comparable to typical models in the market. A triple function grill will save you time and you are assured of features that are known to work efficiently for years.


The best charcoal grill and smoker combo manufactured in the US will not disappoint you.


If this review is not enough, you can read our best charcoal grill smoker reviews.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill – Best Wood Burning BBQ Grill

If you want a top rated grill for smoking meat with advanced features, Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility but the set-and-forget feature will give you a fantastic grilling experience.

We have tried countless grills and smoker combos but none of them is comparable with this grill with smoker and rotisserie.

We have picked it as our number one. It is very easy to use and provides a massive grilling space.

The only drawback is the lack of a clean-out mechanism but we find its price to be reasonable given that it has an auto-shutdown feature.



  • Measures 51.2” x 22.5” x 48.4”
  • Weighs 112 lbs
  • Smart Smoke technology
  • 513 sq. inch cooking surface area
  • 25000 BTUs/hr
  • 20 lbs hopper capacity
  • A second cooking rack with 187 sq. inch
  • Electronic ignition system
  • 160°F – 450°F cooking temperature range
  • Internal temperature sensors
  • Shut down recycle modes
  • Set-and-forget digital controller
  • Smoker with automatic feeder
  • 6-in-1 functions – smoking, braising, baking, grilling, barbecuing, and roasting
  • Great smoke flavor by hardwood pellets
  • Waste oil collector
  • Lifetime warranty

  • The Smart Smoke technology enhances the flavor without using electricity or gas
  • Digital temperature control make heat regulation easier
  • Accommodates a variety of wood pellets

  • No ash clean-out mechanism



The Z Grills pellet grill with outdoor cover is a combo you can rely on for years. It may be out of production but we choose it over common models in the market. It is the best large pellet smoker in our selection, bringing the grilling convenience with a touch of a button.


It is a bit expensive but the cost price is worth the experience it presents.


After reading about this one of the best combo grill, you might be interested in pellet grills reviews.


Final words about the best smoker grill combo

No reason can prevent you from considering the best smoker grill combo from the above list. Your choice depends on your budget, to a great extent.

Your skills and how passionate you are towards BBQs will also determine what you pick.

Any combination grill and smoker mentioned in this buyer’s guide make a great addition to backyard parties. You can even buy one as a surprise gift.

If we were to choose a winner, we would recommend Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill. It has a superior grilling capability and great smoker performance, not to mention the other 4 functions are all in one package.

It is incredibly versatile and easy to use. You can rely on it anytime you desire smoky and delicious flavors without the hassle. You also get to enjoy technologically advanced features of the 21st Century like Set and Forget.

At the end of your shopping experience and regardless of the model you choose, you will be certain to make downright delicious barbecues.

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